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It is the management of corporate income tax by using the channels of the tax law to achieve the tax goals of individuals and juristic persons through life insurance policies.


You may have heard the saying that “Change taxes into income” “Change expenses into savings” for some time. Simply explained, it is a juristic person’s expense (expenses), but because it is an expense for a life insurance policy (a form of savings), which will be returned later. Some types may pay back every year and the money received from the policy is tax exempt. (According to the Revenue Code Section 42 (13)


“Keyman insurance” is considered a legal expense. useful and costly

It is an expense that has returns that can return profits to both the company and its important people.


For example, the advantages of KEYMAN insurance.

– Reduce the problem of expenditures that are prohibited from taxation (20 items).

-Reduce corporate tax burden (30% and 10%)

– Protect important people of the organization (ability value)

– Create legitimate expenses (not considered prohibited expenses)

-Protection against bank loan guarantees of directors, etc.


If today we are business owners

Want to have stability and efficient management, but have returns that can be created for yourself Want to be right in the form of life insurance to use welfare ‘Keyman Insurance’ would be quite useful and an interesting thing to study as an option.


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